Duo 2 pianos / 4 mains

Claire Désert and Emmanuel Strosser

Claire Désert and Emmanuel Strosser are part of the same generation of gifted pianists and their four-hands duo is now considered  a reference.

They are invited by important festivals and international stages to give concerts for which they offer a wide repertoire. They also have recorded a program : Dvorak’s Slavonic Dances op. 46 and 72, for the label Mirare.

The Slavonic Dances largely participated to Antonin Dvorak’s popularity. They were transcribed for orchestra but Claire Désert and Emmanuel Strosser play the original score for their recording.

This work is the expression of the colorful and impassioned rhythms of the Slavish soul. While the first book (opus 46) is focused on Czech dances, the second (opus 72) explores traditional dances from Poland, Slovakia, Serbia, Ukraine and from the Bohemian folklore. 

Both the obvious complicity that unites the two pianists on stage and in everyday life and the pleasure they share when they play together can be experienced anew at every concert.


« Both musicians are totally in adequacy to the spirit of the work, and to the natural intonations it requires. »

« The subtle perfumes of those pages are delightful. Various themes are addressed in this music: Passions without sentimentality, second-degree humor, a fruity elegance and even seduction. »

« A fascinating recital since it establishes exclusive and personal connections. »

Stéphane Friédérich, Classica Répertoire


Label : Mirare

E-boutique : Harmonia Mundi